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We’re enjoying a beautiful winter wonderland at Glacier National Park. Gbr Winter Snow Although prime season here is during the summer months, Glacier Bear is spectacular in the winter months! This is a time when the crowds are home, the bears are hibernating, and aside from the occasional bird cry, the park is oh so quiet… just waiting for the life that will once again return in spring.

Did you know that Glacier Bear Retreat is actually located ON a snowshoe and cross-country skiing trail, INSIDE the park?

Me In The Snow On New Year’s Day, Grist Road, the road to Glacier Bear Retreat, is closed to any motorized vehicles by the Park service, until March 15th. Although it’s a slight inconvenience to get in and out of Glacier Bear, it’s quite a magical time to be here. We park the truck at the gate, load up the sled with our groceries and hike up the 1/4 mile trek through the snow. We share more than a million acres of wilderness with only the animals, save the few snowshoers that we see each week.

D In The Snow Today my husband and I want on a great hike- right from our front door at Glacier Bear. We strapped on the snowshoes, headed up into the woods and didn’t see or hear anything but the sounds of the snow crunching under our feet and cascading down from overladen branches from the last snowfall. We followed in the tracks of deer, rabbits and various other small animals whose tracks we couldn’t identify.

A short visit to a very grey Lake McDonald, and we were shortly back to Glacier Bear to a warm, cozy fire… and to share this experience with you.

If you’ve never been in the snow, or if you enjoy spending time in nature in absolute silence and solitude without any other humans around, consider visiting us at Glacier Bear in the winter. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.


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