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Glacier National Park is the undisputed “Crown of the Continent”. Its glaciers ascend steep peaks where you’ll hike with mountain goats. Acres of lush green meadows plunge down jagged pinnacles, exposing some of the world’s oldest stones. Waterfalls roar, ice cracks, indigenous grizzly bears and wolves roam the landscape, while bighorn sheep graze in the meadows. Two wild and scenic rivers splash along the park boundaries at 3,150 feet in elevation, making the six peaks over 10,000 feet appear to soar into the sky.

We truly believe Glacier National Park is the most spectacular place in the lower 48 states. If you haven’t been to Glacier National Park yet, let us share with you Ernie Pyle’s words from a 1935 Home Country story.

“I wouldn’t trade one square mile of Glacier for all of the other parks put together. The vast valleys that you look down into, and the unbelievably great peaks and ridges rising above you, and the hidden passes and the surprising banks of snow, and the incongruous meadows on the high flats and the tumbling white streams, and the flowers and the silent little lakes around a bend – all have an isolation and a calm majesty that to me make Glacier Park more than just a place.”

Slicing through the heart of Glacier is the infamous “Going-to-the-Sun Road”. As the park’s biggest attraction, this road leads drivers on a skinny cliff shimmy into the craggy alpine, complete with wildflower wonderlands dancing with glaciers, waterfalls, mountain goats and top-of-the-world trails.

More than 700 miles of trails wind through Glacier’s remote wilderness, making it a hiker’s paradise as well as home to countless other activities. As the Crown of the Continent, the park’s glaciers fuel North American’s major rivers, with water from Glacier tumbling to Hudson Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and to the Pacific.

Glacier National Park has more than one million acres of wilderness, yet it contains fewer than 124 private parcels, together comprising less than 300 acres, for the ultimate in privacy. Glacier Bear Retreat is the first private in-holding in Glacier to have been sold in more than 24 years. We feel incredibly fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time, and due to that privilege, we also feel an obligation to share this little slice of heaven with other like-minded nature lovers who are looking to create a tradition for their families too.

Enjoy This Rugged Slice Of Nature’s Best With Us

Because Glacier Bear is located INSIDE of Glacier National Park, there’s no need to drive home after a day of enjoying the wonders of Glacier: you’ll be already there.

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