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Many of you have stayed with us at Glacier Bear Retreat, usually in the summer or autumn seasons. But right now, I’m enjoying my favorite season at Glacier, winter.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve. West Glacier is completely shut down with no restaurants, no tours, no ice cream shop, no grocery store… everything is closed. The park is quiet, the bears are taking a long winter’s nap,  the scenery is simply breathtaking and we pretty much have the park to ourselves. It’s such a magical time to be here.

The road to Glacier Bear Retreat officially closes on January 1st at 8am, but Mother Nature closed it a few weeks ago. Today as I hiked up the 1/4 mile trek, pulling a sled of groceries behind me, I had to stop just to take in all of the beauty. I was greeted by snowshoers and cross country skiers, out enjoying New Year’s Eve. Every one of us was smiling and in awe of the grandeur and beauty that surrounded us.

Tomorrow morning, New Year’s Day, I’ll wake up under a cozy down comforter, look out my window at the new fallen snow, be once again amazed at the beauty that is Glacier, and start my year with gratitude.

Come visit us in the wintertime and see for yourself just how quiet quiet can really be. Find yourself in the most pristine little spot of heaven ever.

And if you need a bit of excitement after a visit to Glacier Bear, check out our brand new Ski-in/Ski-out Luxury Treehouses- Snow Bear Chalets, slopeside at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Regardless of what kind of winter beauty you are looking for, we’ve got you covered.


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