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This luxury vacation home comes complete with personal concierge services. With our years of experience in the vicinity of¬†Glacier National Park, we’re confident in our recommendations and would love to help you plan your perfect vacation!

Regardless of the season, we’re here to help you plan your week, depending upon how active you choose to be. From boating (motor, paddle board, kayaking), horseback riding, to suggesting a hiking plan for the day or helping you coordinate a zip-line tour, we’re available to you by phone for all of your vacation needs. Call us for additional assistance as we want to make this your best holiday yet!

Personal Grocery Shopping

Want specific items waiting for you without the hassle of using vacation time for grocery shopping? The house is already fairly well stocked, but let us know if you have specific needs and our staff will be happy to shop for you. From fresh huckleberry pies to your favorite wine, or perhaps a birthday cake for a special occasion, we’re here to make it easy for you. You’ll only be billed for the staff time and for the cost of the items you request.

Personal Chef

Hike all day and return to a 4 or 5 course gourmet meal, served in the comfort of Glacier Bear, prepared by a renowned Whitefish chef. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan options are available too. Prices available upon request – ask us for an introduction to the chef!

Massage Therapy

Start your vacation by letting go of all of the stress you (inadvertently) brought with you. Enjoy a deep tissue or Swedish massage at Glacier Bear, from a local professional. What a great way to end a day of exploring the park! Cost varies on service provided.

Personalized Touring

The Red Jammer Tour can provide a custom experience just for you and your family in the luxury of your own private “bus”. Rates start at around $800 for a 4-hour tour.

Winter Services

We’re located ON a snow shoe and cross country ski trail. If you want a week of solitude surrounded by some of the most gorgeous scenery ever, join us. We’ll have the gear waiting for you so you just need to get here and enjoy it!

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