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Last week our new friend Sue and her family enjoyed Glacier Bear Retreat for a week. She shared a story with us that I thought you might enjoy.

Sue and her family were inside the house when they noticed a bear in the yard, by the fire pit. The bear, a yearling around 100 pounds, was playing with the hose rack on the back of the well house. Bears are naturally inquisitive and will explore their surroundings and always seem to find a way to have fun. (We could learn something from bears!)

Anyway, the bear took the time to unwrap the hose, playing with it while satisfying his curiosity. After unrolling the length of hose, he moved on to the chairs around the fire pit to have a closer look at the brightly colored cushions.

Taking one of the bright blue cushions from a chair, he grabbed it in his mouth like a dog would, and shook his head from side to side. It must have looked quite cozy as he then took the cushion with him as he sauntered over the bridge to Max Island, turned right and headed up into the woods. Perhaps he just needed a pillow to make his den a bit more cozy.

The following day Sue’s grandson was out wandering around the island and discovered the absconded cushion lying in the woods. He returned it undamaged (except for a bit of bear spit) to the chairs by the fire pit.

Remember, Glacier Bear Retreat has BEARS, so please exercise extreme caution and respect for the bears as this is their home. And if you do see a bear – and you’re safe inside the house – please make a bit of noise to frighten him or her away, as we don’t want the bears to become habituated in our area. I know, they’re such fun to watch, but bear/human interaction never ends well for the bear.

If you’re a guest at Glacier Bear, please take the bear spray provided with you on hikes AND when you’re outside at Glacier Bear Retreat. We hope you never need it, but it’s always good for you AND for the bear, if you always carry it with you.

We’re already receiving reservations for the summer season of 2016, so it’s not too early to plan your visit now. Please reach out to us and let us know when you’d like to stop by.

“Goodbye for now” from me and from the bears. We hope to see you soon at Glacier Bear Retreat!

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