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Today was a very busy day, filled with plumbers, electricians, masons, finish carpenters, tile and siding contractors and more.

Our front door has arrived and I stained it yesterday and today. Tomorrow I’ll add the finish coats, preparing it for hanging in a few days. I’m excited to see it on the house!

Today our electrician Rex, of TriCity Electric did most of the electrical finish, making the outlets actually work! Tomorrow we’ll add the fixtures. Thank you Rex and Seth!

Also, Darryl of Boskett Plumbing spent the day at the house connecting the water and installing the plumbing fixtures. We actually have a working toilet! Woohooo! I didn’t realize just how much I appreciate indoor plumbing until last week when I used the porta potty at 17 below zero! Brrrrrr! Thanks Darryl and Peter!

Brian, our construction consultant from Lost Creek Construction, along with Matt, our finish carpenter, from Monarch Construction and Neil, a contractor from Phoenix, have been busy hanging kitchen cabinets, installing doors and interior trim. It looks great! Thanks guys!

Zach, our tile guy has been busy installing the tile in the master bathroom. We should be able to take a shower in a few days.  Thanks Zach!

Steve and Jeremy, our siding contractors have been busy with the exterior of the house. They anticipate being finished by the end of the week. I’m so grateful to find these sub contractors!

I’ve been busy working on the turret, completing the drywall, taping and texturing and getting ready to complete the 600 light fiber optic ceiling. I can’t wait for this room to be finished! I still have to do the texture on the ceiling, which isn’t easy or fun- but I know will be so worth the effort! I’ve completed about 1/4 of the walls, and none of the ceiling yet, so it’s a project still waiting to happen.

I’ve enjoyed the idea of the fiber optics so much in the turret, that I decided to add them to the fireplace rock. Shane, our talented mason, was kind enough to work with me and help me create this work of art. Today Shane added the hearth stone and started the rock work, as I wove fiber optic strands through the mesh. It was a labor of love. Thanks for your patience with me Shane!

You can follow the photos below to see the individual steps in the fireplace process. Can’t wait to complete this tomorrow!

Brian found a great rustic beam to use for the mantle. It should be finished tomorrow! Thank you Brian!

Thanks to Brian and the entire team who is making this beautiful home possible! I’ll post the contractor page with contact info very soon.

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