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We moved into Glacier Bear Retreat on Christmas Eve. What a gift it was to wake on Christmas morning, open my eyes and realize where I was. Wow. Words can’t describe the joy and the gratitude I feel to be able to spend time in this incredible location.

The last few weeks have been busy with the holidays and with working on the house. I’m just now getting around to posting the latest photos. My apologies for the delay!

To those of you who are planning to visit us, rest assured Glacier Bear will be ready very soon. We’re 99% there, and we’re just adding the finishing touches now. A little bit of exterior work will completed in the spring, after the weather is a bit more cooperative.

But until then, we’re really enjoying each moment spent at Glacier Bear Retreat. Here are the latest photos:

One special feature is our gorgeous fireplace in the great room. It’s created with a native rock called Montana Moss and has a large mantle from an old Montana farm. But what makes it extra special are 400 fiber optic points of light hidden in the mortar joints between the rocks. When the fiber optics aren’t turned on, you’d never know they’re even there.

But when you turn them on, magic happens. 🙂


Outside, it’s pretty spectacular too! Since our road closed on January 1st, we have to snow shoe about 2/10ths of a mile to get to Glacier Bear Retreat, which in some ways, makes it even more special.

Here are some photos of what it looks like outside. The best way to really understand how beautiful this really is, is to just come visit us! There’s nowhere on earth quite like Glacier National Park. John Muir called it the “best care-killing scenery in the lower 48 states”, and we quite agree!

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