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During the past few weeks while we did what we could to get the roof on the house, our framers were keeping busy working in the shop on days they couldn’t do things at the house.

The turret is almost complete, as is the interior stairway for the turret. Here are photos of both, at our contractor’s home/shop. They’ll be trucked to the site in the next few days and hoisted into place with a crane.

When I return home from Nashville on Wednesday afternoon, I’m going straight to the house to see the progress. By then, the roof should be completely dried in and the shingles will be in the process of being installed. The workers will be installing the windows and the exterior doors. The turret will be in place and the stairway will be installed. I can’t wait to see our home!

The turret, waiting to be put into its place of honor
The spiral staircase from 1st to 2nd level (inside turret)
Another view of the turret staircase


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