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I’ve spent most every day of the last two weeks at the property, keeping an eye on what’s happening. The snow is already flying and we’re pushing to get the house completed prior to the road closing January 1st.

The last week we’ve focused on the exterior siding and decking, as well as the interior completion of insulation, drywall hanging, and now taping, texturing and painting. By next Sunday (after Thanksgiving), the house will be painted and ready for the hardwood floors, being installed next Monday.

Then, we add the tile to the bathrooms, the plumbing and electrical fixtures, the cabinets and countertops, the front door, interior doors and trim, and we’re almost ready to live there!

We’ll be living in the home from mid December through the end of January. Yes, the road will be closed and it will be remote. Don’t worry, we’ve already had the telephone and wifi installed, so I’m already one step ahead of Thoreau. I feel like I’m “pulling a Walden” in moving into the deep woods for a month, but I’m really looking forward to the introspective time for writing.

In the meantime, here are the photos of the house as of yesterday.

Thanks to all of our sub contractors who have made this possible to date!

Oh yeah, I had to throw in a few of the photos I took yesterday, as it was a “picture perfect” day, which reminded me why we’re building this home in the first place.

I am so incredibly excited to share this beautiful area and our home with you. The closer it gets to completion, the more it already feels like home. I know that many of you will create life-long memories here at Glacier Bear, and we’re honored to share it with you. Please let me know when you want to book your holiday!


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