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Press Release from Glacier National Park

Three artists have been selected to participate in the 2014 Artist-in-Residence Program at Glacier National Park.  The artists are Stephen Lias, Melinda Plank, and Oliver Klink.

The program offers professional artists the opportunity to pursue their artistic discipline while being surrounded by the park’s inspiring landscape.  Each artist will be able to pursue their work while in the park, and then engage and inspire the public through an outreach program.  The public programs will be related to their experience as the artist-in-residence and can be demonstrations, talks, exploratory walks, or performances.  Digital images of selected work produced as a part of the residency may be used in park publications, websites and presentations for education and outreach.

Artist Stephen Lias is a composer and Professor of Composition at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas.  He has produced over a dozen pieces celebrating national parks including Kings Canyon, Glacier Bay, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Mount Rainier, and Big Bend.  He will write a new musical composition that celebrates the wildlife, geology, wilderness opportunities, and cultural history of Glacier National Park. The resulting piece will be a large work approximately 12 minutes in length, scored for symphony orchestra.  Lias will be working in the park during June.

Melinda Plank, from California, will be the artist-in-residence during most of July.  She plans to complete a series of woodblock prints depicting the vistas observed in Glacier National Park and highlighting the seasonal flora and fauna.  She also plans to illustrate the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and this connection of two countries in one of the prints.

California photographer Oliver Klink will be working on a project called Ice. Through photos, Klink will communicate speculation, adventure and exploration. He has captured the first part of the project, Ice in the Arctic and Antarctica, and the next phase will focus on the origin of ice and the effect of glaciation. He plans to spend time in Glacier National Park and show that the world is in constant change. Klink will be the artist-in-residence during September.

The public outreach and programs for each artist will be determined.  For more information about the park’s artist-in-residence program, contact the park at 406-888-7800 or visit

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